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Greata - Real Estate

Real Estate Division

Free-flowing contours, smooth forms that occupy space in the most elegant manner, shapes with no beginning and end as they mould and fuse with one another, designs that stay fluid, accommodating various parameters, myriad material, different surfaces, colours and textures into one structure. With customer needs and market factors changing constantly in the real estate sector, staying fluid and responding quickly to business demands is now more important than ever. Greata's Real Estate division makes sure that its fluidity in design and resilience in catering to requirements.

Greata has successfully completed and delivered several projects, both in the residential and the commercial sectors, many of which stand as landmarks in construction, design and quality. Total No. of sq.ft completed :1 million sq.ft. From Greata Pearl, Chennai's first 100 homes residential complex, to Technip - a plug and play IT Park with state-of-the-art technology and amenities and Masken Heights, a high-end apartment block, Upcoming projects planned :1 million sq.ft. Across a layout of 15 acres. Greata has dotted the landscape with projects that wax eloquent about the fluidity of design and form, brick by brick.

Pondy Hitech Plastics

Manufacturing high quality Plastic Products

A free-flowing form that can take on any shape when it is molten. A perfectly mouldable, magical material that can be crafted into any object that we want it to be. Could there be a better expression of fluidity than plastics, which can score over the brittleness of glass, the heavi- ness of metal and the warping tendency of wood?

Being the choice of many has made Reynolds the pen the world prefers. But the plastic components that GM Pens, the makers of Reynolds, prefers for its fast-selling pens are made by Pondy Hi Tech Plastics (P) Ltd., an initiative by Greata, established in 1995. A modest start in Pondicherry with a single unit operating two machines has grown rapidly into three factories, employing over 150 personnel and equipped with with ten injection and blow moulding machines.


School Of Business - Education

Dreams are elastic in nature, they can expand to take on any of our thoughts, they can form a giant bubble around our world. So are young minds; they are extremely pliable and can be moulded into the finest tools with which the future can be shaped. It is the power of staying fluid, of being receptive to external stimuli that make both dreams and young minds a joy to deal with.

SMOT is an initiative by GREATA to tap thousands of young, hungry minds and infuse a wealth of business knowledge and experience into them. The very name SMOT represents an endless experiment that endeavours to find sources of unlimited energy. And true to its name, SMOT has been conducting PGPM programmes successfully, adopting a refreshingly new approach to management. The business school has collaborated with the prestigious Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada for a PGDBA program. Closer home, students can also opt for programs that SMOT offers in affiliation with Bharathidasan University, Thiruchi.

SMK Aquafarms


Greata has notched up a series of sterling performances, each a success story in itself. And the journey continued, as part of a search for hitherto unexplored areas. Forays into newer territories have been made with an eye on the future. Every passing year brings with it a new opportunity, an exciting challenge and an opportunity for a conquest. Cultivar and SMK Aqua Farms are two such initiatives, commenced as part of the group's future plans.

Water, a free-flowing element that is the provider of life. Just as water provides oxygen, it also provides us with food options. Greata's initiatives are driven by their own powerful logic. One such venture is SMK AQUA FARM, commenced in 1995 in Pudukkaadu for aqua culture, shrimp cultivation and aquariums spread over 100 acres of land. The shrimp grown here is much in demand amongst shrimp exporters who cater to overseas markets. The initiative not only caters to seafood lovers internationally, but also offers direct employment to several people.

SMK Agrofarm and Poultry, Dairy Farm, Herbal and Organic Products

Bio Diesel

FEEDING MOUTHS, FUELLING PROGRESS The rustle of the tall blades of green crop in the breeze gives the picture of ripples, and illustrates the fluidity of nature. And when the power of these crops and their produce are harnessed for bio diesel that can help keep a nation on the move, it is the ultimate example of constantly flowing energy.

When the traditional practice of farming meets the latest in technology, the result not only helps feed a million mouths, but also aids in progress, through bio-diesel. Greata's enterprise Cultivar, commenced in 1999, offers customers the dual advantage by sowing the needs of people as the seeds of growth. Today, several acres of land serve as the home to medicinal plants, timber trees and a variety of other crops. Cultivar has not only helped support the environment, but has also offered tremendous employment opportunities to several rural areas. Through bio-diesel, it has also reduced our dependency on imported fuel, thereby saving precious foreign exchange in the process.